It’s Christmas 🎁

I started this blog exactly 14 days before Christmas , so I thought it would only be right for my first post to be a festive one . I am a huge kid at heart and still get extremely over excited about putting up Christmas decorations! This is only the 2nd year that I have been able to have my own tree etc … ( only had my own house with my husband for two years ) . So needless to say I love the fact that I get free reign to do whatever I wish .

I personally prefer the traditional theme. A tree that actually looks like a tree not a silver space age looking thing , but not real so that 1000’s of needles fall off every time someone within a mile radius sneezes . So I picked an artificial pre light traditional fur tree . It stands at 6ft without the tree topper .


I decided to go with Red & Gold baubles, with berries and pinecones .

The only exception being the hand made glass Disney World bauble that we bought in Florida on our honeymoon in 2014 !




I was pretty pleased with it once it was up 🙂

I then realised I didn’t have a centre piece for my table . I didn’t really want to spend more on decorations , so I decided to throw something together with stuff I had already and this is what I ended up with !


Yes that is Lindt chocolates 🙂 I had a spare wreath and wrapped that round a solid oak fruit bowl ( this normally spends its time full of pens, batteries, hair bands , keys and change )

Unfortunately those chocolates only lasted a few days 🙂 so I then filled it with spare tree decorations.


Not the best thing I have ever made but not bad for 5 mins work 🙂 .



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